Unlike Sappho Shopping in Sephora

Posted on January 30, 2011


Charges Dismissed Against Giuliani’s

Little Princess.

Caroline Giuliani, you have some scary arms.

Aight so before anything, the night before I was doin some mild Top Rock training alongside my man Johnny Skywalker of Red Mask Crew who I am greatly indebted to. By my side was a beautiful “Little Miss Princess” who arrived in the dance studio with me. She is beautiful and dear to me however after she changed into her gear, Big Brosky saw the need to let her know she needs to change outta that Princess gear…maybe this photo, by the way please keep supportin’ Mickey Boston Photography, should give you a decent conception of how it is done:

By the way Samantha G now has an Expos fitted thanks to yours Truly 😉

“Daddy’s Little Princess” was some track that played at a wedding I went to the month earlier…Yeah it was that song chosen as the dance between the bride and her daddy…I guess we can dismiss that its sweet for so many women getting married…Princess dancing with daddy and all I could imagine now is Giuliani’s Princess gettin her way in this nefarious realm of dirty money and even filthier nepotisms, feel me?

So as Im writing this shit, Drake is playing on my speakers and damn I’m just doin’ me, I’m livin’ life right now and it’s far from over…

So as I’m being me, Brosky, Caroline Giuliani be like “who the fuck is you?” but it’s more like me reversing this and sayn: “who the fuck is you? Oh right you that…”

Now allow me to get Grad school on and take this back to when Caroline’s lawyers struck a deal in court to get her shoplifting charges dismissed.

But Caroline, a little Princess like you shoplifting, mais pourquoi?


There have been countless nights on my end of roaming Manhattan and wondering how Rudolph W. Giuliani lived. I slept on benches and aimlessly roamed streets, alleyways and stations–heck I even did routine Mosque-hop from one house of God to another. Little did I know about Caroline and Caroline couldnt give two shits about anybody in the city back in those days.

I wonder if she does today, or mayhaps she does and God knows best. So what’s my issue in all of this anyways? Well, for starters Caroline made a quick appearance in Manhattan Criminal Court, the same court I know all too well, where prosecutors actually offered her a rather convenient adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.

Allow me to translate this legal shit for you: if Caroline serves a day of community service and stays out of trouble for six months and sticks to her cozy Disney cartoons and Cinderella swag, well, the case against her will be dismissed. Khulus, ya’3ni khulus…Tayeb.

A Princess on Community Service?

You see this is the part where Big Brosky sees some light at the end of this tunnel, yeah we comin out as we see Princess Giuliani now doing her community service for the Sanitation Department, though the details have not been worked out.

So what the heck was it that earned this sanitation gig? Come on Caroline, what did you did???

Nah, seriously girl, what did you did? what it do?

Oh yeah that’s right (as my Drake track plays loud) Caroline was arrested after being caught at Sephora on the Upper East Side with Princess gear from the store in her coat pocket.

Anne M. Siegel, an assistant district attorney, said in court that her Royalty, Princess Caroline was caught with merchandise valued at $100.50. But…remember, she’s Rudy’s little Princess and so Mrs. Siegel had to cut in a deal pursuant to the office’s guidelines for first-time, low-level shoplifters, Princess Giuliani was being given the dismissal offer.

Isabelle Kirshner, the Princess’s lawyer, did not say anything inside or outside of court and why should she, Brosky even says you got a damn good deal girl. Here’s how Drake put’s it in the track still playing loudly:

I really can’t complain, everything is Kosher…

Two thumbs up, Eber and Roeper…

But seriously though, let’s ask Kirshner if everything is really Kosher, I mean if youre a Harvard undergrad shouldnt you be smarter that? So Kanye’s got a Yale undergrad telling him how to do a feathertie, so maybe Drake can have Caroline nab em some guyliner. The Princess herself is scheduled to return to court on Nov. 4 for a status conference on her community service.

Some wise Kosher insertions in all this: Judge Jennifer Schecter told Princess Giuliani, “Stay out of trouble and avoid rearrest.”