The Homie Regimental Oneton…

Posted on February 7, 2011


Art by none other than Regimental Oneton.

The homie Regimental Oneton sold the above two piece canvas the other week. Big Brosky would like to give love and congrats to the Oneton for keeping the art sincere while working hard at what he droppin on a canvas, or closet door.

Be sure to look into Regimental Oneton’s works by heading over to his web-page. Moreover, if one is not able to fancy a large canvas chez lui, posters in laminated finish are also available. Oneton has also adopted an exquisite watercolour collection while also able to customize personal tastes.

Click the above link and head over to the Oneton’s page. Get in contact with him via facebook, type “Regimental Oneton”.