Israeli Millionaire Builds Mosque in France

Posted on February 8, 2011


So Big Brosky kinda crossed something rather intriguing and maybe even Ironic; an Israeli building and restoring a Mosque in France…France itself being a strongly Islamophobic state within itself whose population in itself will be over 50% Muslim by the turn of the decade. In essence, some demographic surveys predict this percentage to only be reached within the next two decades, whatever the case the main factors of this influx in the Muslim populace within France are both immigration and a high birth rate–hence the alarm in France.

Overall in my view, I’ve been finding Europe to be a rather difficult place. Im no fan of immigrants even though I am the son of immigrants myself. Weird but that’s just the way I am and Montreal is known to be one of the world’s most multi-cultural city, but some peeps fresh off the boat have some issues with integrating. Im not saying at all that immigrants should submit and re-configure themselves to even 50%, no not at all.

People should hold and even cling to their distinct cultures and traditions however, they need to water-down the extreme aspect they import over here. Some people come from lawless nations where tribal aspects of their social living are undeniably imported here. France itself had an issue with female genital mutilation. Other countries like this one do face the issue of polygamy practiced in secret. The importation of such ideals do need to stay within the countries of origin.

Next off, going back to the topic at hand, what I find Ironic is the aspect of the whole controversy of the “Ground Zero” Mosque inManhattan. Next off the whole Florida thing about burning the Qur’an. Then we have the Swiss pulling off a referendum on a Minaret going up and of course the Syrians and French banning face veils (Im actually cool with that, Im not for women in Shinobi veils and you can leave a comment below if you like and I’ll clarify why).

The we come to the Israelis: the advocates of Apartheid who somehow claim to be the most humane and democratic nation within the Middle-East. Israelis themselves do bar young Muslim males from praying at the Dome of the Rock, al-Aqsa, in Jerusalem. I mean Israelis have practiced combat with use of conventional weaponry that has been banned by the United Nations, the very Institution that has supported their Right to Exist. Here, I am directly alluding to the use of chemical to biological agents used to attack an unarmed civilian population all the while supporting what is an illegal occupation and ongoing building of settlements within the West Bank.

Having mentioned all of the above, out of nowhere arrives Israeli and, of course, Jewish businessman Robert Harush who grew up in Ashkelon and is now investing a fortune on the renovation of large Mosque Montereau, in effort to promote co-existence.

This is better than nothing. I love the co-existence part without an eyelash of doubt.  He undividedly gets one Brosky point for that. I guess Harush couldnt start in Israel and repair what damages Israel evoked on Palestine and so France happens to be a decent place to start…

Robert Harush?

So as I mentioned, the guy is an Ashkelon resident. He earned a large bulk of his financial success within European real estate.

Basically, Robert comes off as a nice guy: he decided to pay for the construction of a Mosque in France for the benefit of the local Muslim community.

Harush is the proud father of four and is currently 58. He completed his military service in Israel and then tried his luck in the real estate business in Europe. So yes, if you do work or worked in the Israeli military you are indeed an occupational force implementing apartheid. But lets got off this subject and stick to the subject ;) . Harush’s success won him many hotels and buildings making him worth hundreds of millions of shekels.

Despite living between Israel and France, Harush doesnt hold any ill-feelings towards his Arab and Muslim neighbours on the other side of the apartheid walls even when a rocket landed by his crib. This is commendable.

As Prodigy would say:

Catchu you comin’ out your F-ckin’ crib…

Putting Harush aside for a second, Prodigy himself does have his distinct point of views within his conscious rhymes despite not being known to strongly be a conscious MC. His stance on pro-Zionist company Tmberland come off as quite loud and vocal: “TIMBERLAND BOOTS…THESE RACIST FUCC’S OWE US MILLIONS. THEY NEVER DO AD’S USING BLACK PEOPLE OR RAPPERS AS MUCH AS WE PROMOTED THEY SHIT.”

Prodigy’s words do take me to the recently closed yet ongoing lawsuit launched from here in Montreal concerning construction company Caterpillar and its bulldozers and heavy machinery destroying Palestinian natural resources and homes while also being used to erect apartheid walls that are currently snaking within and across the holy lands.


And of course we cannot forget the loss of Rachel Corrie as she stood in front of an Israeli Caterpillar bulldozer which something that pains within many of us.


Apartheid is something that has gone far beyond what happened inSouth Africa and sadly it is still happening today by a Jewish nation that proclaims itself to be “democratic.”

Harush is someone who has seized an opportunity to unify rather than to separate and divide:

“I told myself ‘here is an opportunity to bring the people together’ and decided to donate the money…People were dumbfounded. What does a Jewish-Israeli man have do to with refurbishing a Mosque? The answer is simple: I’m sick and tired of the hatred. A sane voice must emerge.”

He further goes on to state that “It wasn’t a cheap venture but I did with all my heart.”In essence, leaders of the Montereau Muslim community have thanked Harush for the gesture and maintain a warm relationship with him.

The businessman, however, is not interested in supporting the Muslim community alone and has paid for the construction of one of the largest and most grandiose synagogues in Asheklon last year, which was named after his late father.

He is currently working on setting up a mikveh in the southern city to be dedicated to his late mother. “I myself am not a religious person but I feel that in the absence of upstanding politicians it falls on businessmen to bring together Jews and Arabs and seculars and the religious.