Film – Black Tobacco

Posted on February 9, 2011


Written and directed by independent filmmaker, Jamie Zampini, “Black Tobacco” is a journey into a man’s lungs. Filmed on location in a Montreal apartment that had been gutted by flames a week prior, “Black Tobacco” delves into the psyche of a distraught male character played by underground hip-hop artist and photographer, Mickey Boston.

While a chain smoker over many years, Hasan, has just been struck with the rude awakening of coming to terms with an early morning apartment fire caused by a late night cigarette that began from his mattress. After having been abruptly awoken 48 hours prior by the sound of an apartment alarm and the unexpected arrival of fireman breaking his door open in a smoke filled apartment, Hasan looks out the very same patio window he exited from. The apartment, in its ashtray-like splendour, becomes a grim reminder of Hasan’s deplorable habit, consequently rendering him partially nostalgic yet regretful over the loss of the one treasure he left behind.

Mickey Boston delivers a compelling rendition of a distraught fire victim who still continues to light the very tobacco filled roll that initially caused the tragedy to begin with. Directed by Jamie Zampini, who also cameos in the film as himself plays the role of Hasan’s friend who attempts to critically bring some sense into his buddy’s recent demise.

Mickey Boston plays the role of Hassan in "Black Tobacco."