From the Ground – EGYPT.

Posted on February 11, 2011



I, Mickey ‘Big Brosky’ Boston, just crossed this letter written by Ahmad Shokr straight from the grounds of Tahrir. Indeed, hopefully the Mubarak tyranny is on its final stand. A revolution may be in very close proximity, the odour seems right like a fondue just about ready from the oven. The below is a posting of Ahmad Shokr’s historical letter.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your messages and my apologies to everyone who I’ve not been able to write individually. I’m sure most of you watched Mubarak‘s delusional speech tonight. Rest assured, the crowds here are furious and fully intend to escalate the pressure. I expect tomorrow’s demonstrations to be very big, perhaps the biggest thus far. The past two weeks have really been a windstorm of feelings and emotions. The courage and resilience of the pro-democracy movement – in the face vicious attempts to put this revolt down – is beyond words. The regime has tried every security tactic it knows. It has deployed it’s full security arsenal – riot police, thugs, provocateurs, secret police – to intimidate the protesters, but to no avail. If anything, people are only becoming more emboldened. The regime’s recalcitrance has only isolated it further as it’s support base erodes with each passing day. Meanwhile, the protesters’ ranks continue to swell. Walking through Tahrir today, I saw state media workers, ex-ruling party members, and many ordinary people who only a few days ago were undecided about where they stood. The regime is on its last legs with the armed forces being its last remaining source of power. And that may change soon.

It’s been very difficult predict events as they unfold. Without any pretense of certainty, I can only offer my best guess for what the coming days hold in store. It looks like we are approaching one of two scenarios: A military coup or an ugly standoff with the army, though the latter option seems very costly for protesters and military alike. The first scenario probably seems more likely at this point. But with the regime acting so stubbornly, it remains to be seen what will happen.

The next few days (maybe less?) will be key in determining the fate of this uprising. Wish Egypt luck. Long live the Egyptian revolution!


Twitter: @ahmadshokr

[No One Is Illegal Radio interview with Ahmad Shokr on February 3, 2011 linked here:]