Israel: Anti-boycott Bill Approved – Democracy?

Posted on February 21, 2011


Bill imposes fines on Israeli citizens who back, initiate boycottsagainst state. Left cries racism

Mickey “Big Brosky” Boston is still beefin’ with Israel, ish is still Kosher. Despite the Kosher, the people want their beef Halal, but how do things get there when the region is so eff’d at this point? How long does the vicious cycle continue, it has become utterly redundant and Israel is by far not the most “democratic” state in the Middle-East.

To begin, Israel is not a state. From here, Israel is not democratic. Despotic regimes have been installed via Israeli lobbyist blood-money, while Mossad assiassinations have ran rampant within the greater region, let alone around the world. Israel’s sponsorship of state terroroism and influx of car bombings are no secret so who are the people kidding?

Hiphop on Big Brosky’s end became political. Writing became a form of resistance and education. Rhyme within the hiphop genre remains at a grassroots level and Western news media sources will continue to embellish the notion of Israel as “democracy” and not colonial occupier. Undeniably, it has been uttered previously that being anti-Zionist is not synonimous with being anti-Semetic. Definitions of terms have shifted long ago over the years, enough to brainwash masses into forgetting that the Arab peoples themselves are Semites. The existence of anti-Zionist Jews, Rabbis and community leaders cannot be effaced. In essence, this battle over the term “democracy” via the means of “resistance” and “revolution” has become sevrely cluttered.

Hit these occupying bitches hard...Israel's Knesset has voted to Criminalize all BDS activities, can you beleive that ish? What is to be criminalized is an occupation and murder of unarmed civilians.

Anti-boycott bill approved

Bill imposes fines on Israeli citizens who back, initiate boycotts against state. Left cries racism

As usual lobbies and crooked think tanks always find ways, either via hemoglobin stained dollars from Swiss banks or simply bureaucratic jargon. In essence, Israel’s reaction to the growing nonviolent movement of boycott, divestment, and sanctions is criminalization. This does not in any way, form or fashion arrives as a surprise to anyone, the tactics bare the fingerprints of nefariously Zionist design in their distinct blueprint.

Just memorize the four digits and boycott.

The new bill has been introduced in the Israeli Knesset by twenty-five Knesset members, that would criminalize all BDS activities or even BDS advocacy inside or outside Israel. The proposed bill would target those that initiate, encourage, or provide assistance or information about boycotts against Israel. This did not go down with a bit of scuffle: a stormy debate during which Arab and left-wing MKs walked out.

Israeli citizens or residents of Israel could be sued by whoever was harmed by the boycott and would have to pay up to 30,000 shekels in restitution and an additional amount according to the harm established by the Israeli courts. Meanwhile, the Foreign and Justice ministrieswarned that the bill, approved in its first reading Tuesday, could harm Israel’s relations with other states.

The new law, if passed, will allow the state to fine any Israeli citizen who supports or initiates a boycott a sum of NIS 30,000 ($8,200), even if damages have not been incurred. Additional fines can be charged according to the amount of damage done. Initiators of the bill say it is intended to deal with a wide variety of boycotts – economic, academic, and others – as Israel has seen lately.

“The bill differentiates between three kinds of boycotts: Boycotts imposed by Israeli residents or citizens, boycotts imposed by foreign residents or citizens, and boycotts imposed by a foreign state or entity through laws it has legislated,” the explanation of the bill says. But Arab and left-wing MKs were outraged, calling the bill racist and saying it goes against freedom of speech and public protest. The Foreign and Justice ministries were also opposed, claiming the bill would serve Israel’s enemies and lead to additional moves against the state.

Mickey “Big Brosky” Boston notices the design from Macbeth‘s witches and the “fair is fowl and fowl is fair” dyad. Undoubtedly, there is a war of products going on, which side are you and what will you substitute those products with? Anti-multinational hiphop is what Mickey Boston advocates for, let the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions continue. Lovers of Mickey Boston’s music have mobilized themselves to the best they can however the awareness needs to be spread and efforts must continue into the artistic cultural boycott of Israel.

Boycott as much of these below multi-nationals as possible.