Is Gadhaffi a Nut Case? A look into his Female Virgin Bodyguards: The Amazon Guard

Posted on February 28, 2011


So politically savvy hip-hop artist Mickey “Big Brosky” Boston Red Sox Lover asks: is he crazy or is he simply a mastermind incarnate in Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert‘s psyche. For starters, the man Gadhaffi knows how to play chess and plays it well without a Queen. In essence, he plays his chess board as an African “King” surrounded by many Queens.

Any straight man loves to be surrounded by women, this in itself does not require any second thought. Despite such givens, women are wrongfully idealized by men, most of the time viewed as sexual objects and devoid of the intelligent and creative entities that they are. Such has been the case for so many generations in human history and the aspect of Helen of Troy was not where this all began, in fact this goes right back to our very own origins, look straight into the origins of Cain’s jelousy and anger towards his very own brother.

Big Brosky would like to delve into this mystery of Ghadaffi’s bodyguards. You know of Montreal’s b-boy crew, the Deadly Venoms Crew. Meet Gadhaffi’s “Deadly Virgins Crew”: The Amazonian Guard.

Classic Photo of Effect and Afternoon, two members of Montreal's Deadly Venoms Crew. (c) Mickey Boston Photography.

Ghadaffi’s Women.

Africa is a continent of birth and rebirth, a continent of sublimeness, splendour and mystery. The uncanny winds of the sub-Sahara blow in unpredictable mannerisms. In essence, King Solomon‘s wives were not necessarily wives but spies of his Kingdom. In this regard, one may cleverly assess that women have historically played the roles of quintessential pieces in the protection, sustenance and longevity of a Kingdom.

Some may allude to Gadhafi as easily one of the smartest heads of state around with great survival instincts. In essence, there is good reason why people are terrified of him, he is undeniably a former global terrorist leader who bombed airlines, killed GI’s in West Germany and plotted the assassination of the entire Saudi Royal family ( some dont think anyone would have minded if he pulled of that last one off though.)

When one looks at him one senses the impossibility of predicting what he would say, do or execute next. Gadaffi is not a fool, he may be interpreted as a twisted mastermind. The philosophy behind his use of women as bodyguards does find its roots from effective empires and kingdoms from ancient times as a matter of fact.

In a nutshell, Ghadafi may view women as loyal entities. In essence, they are to him better devoted than men and for good reason; they have a natural affinity to being dedicated by nature and as bodyguards, they may be viewed as individuals who would potentially remain shoulder-to-shoulder with their leader to the point of being capable of martyrdom. Here, the rumours of Ghadafi’s Jewishness can vividly be effeced and negated as within the complicated laws of Judaism, women as soldiers and fighters is not permissable as they are seen as incapable of being able to handle a man can bare on a given frontline. Within this, Judaic law does not call for an equality between the sexes and hence actually calls for a rather misogynist banter.

Interestingly in Jewish teachings there is a saying that women shouldn’t go to the army. Why? Because they are protectors by nature, and to have them in the army -which would enforce that natural instance to protect even more- they would become ruthless and merciless -like bears defending their cubs.

Moreover, Gadhafi is undoubtedly aware that women rarely engage in treason against their leaders. This in itself is a very poignant historical fact and when put to the test against the sands of history one may question: why havent other leaders, empires or heads of state thought of this?

Queens of Africa – Are Women being Empowered by Ghadafi?

In the late 1940s, Simone de Beauvoir was already bemoaning our tendency to “think that we are not the master of our destiny; we no longer hope to help make history, we are resigned to submitting to it”. By the late 70s such regret, repackaged as celebration, had become the stuff of a growing consensus. By the late 80s, we were told that history itself had come to an end. The sort of history that ordinary people might make was to fade away within a “new world order”, a world in which a narrow set of elites would control all the main levers of power.

In context of history again, documented historical facts of female soldiers being ruthless and sparing no prisoners is also present. It may very well be that Ghadafi knows how to make women execute a mission; actually he has exploited the strengths of women in regards to knowing of their inclination to conduct operations and carry out tasks.

As far as Big Brosky is concerned, Miho should be another member of Montreal's Deadly Venoms Crew. While DJ Neeko Killa slices tracks, Miho would be slicing her opponents in battle.

His female bodyguards known as “The Amazonian Guard” are trained killing machines, mayhaps something like Sin City’s Miho. Moreover, one may aver to them as the rooftop female killers of Sin City as a whole. Of course, these women are not trained merceneraires. They are trained to protect the leader and to die for him. They also take a vow of chastity and apparently many young women are dying to take on this role. As a matter of fact one was killed saving Ghadafi’s life when his convoy was attacked by assassins means of throwing herself in the line of fire.

Some may be referenced as extremely ruthless however, having mentioned this, there are not any reports to solidify the valdity of this given statement. What one can clearly relate to is that they are highly respected by their fellow male soldiers. Essentially, Ghadafi has been making use of a clever fundamental and in this regard it is no longer a vanity thing if he is having women bodyguards around him. As far as the battle of the sexes, many males underestimate women for whatever reasons they reserve. Women are not to be taken lightly, they can and execute tasks just as good and even much better and more intelligently and efficiently than men. Indeed, it would be complimentary to know exactly how feminists view this excercise and conduct on the part of Gadhaffi, the question is: are these women being used as objects or are they being empowered? Any womanist out there that can enlighten us?

According to Gaddafi, the job works to “empower” women, rather than merely exist as the whim of a megalomaniacal despot. “Women should be trained for combat,” he believes, “so that they do not become easy prey for their enemies.”

Virginity? Why Must the be Virgin let Alone Hand-picked?

The West has much to understand of the Orient to this very day. Eurocentric stereotyping still exists to this very day. In this regard, one may easily note that “Muslims are obsessed with a woman’s virginity.” Individuals may question the virginity issue over and over again, especially when it comes to the ideal of the virgin brides that await a martyr. Here, stereotyping is very easy to apply. Moving away from Eurocentrism and other isms one may be able to more critically probe into the Ghadafi exploit of virgin female bodyguards which seems and rubs off as an extremely odd yet unsurprising exploit.

It may very well be that Orientalist culture views the virgin as an inexperienced entity who has not been “touched” by another. In other regards, many others will beg to differ. The virgin theme is a very sensitive issue on all counts, everyone has something to say about it and it is no longer a taboo subject in this day and age. Selecting the members of the Amazonian guard is a little more involved than simply placing a mildly coherent Craigslist ad. For one, every member must, allegedly, be a virgin hand-picked by Gaddafi, and must then undergo extensive martial arts and firearms training at a special academy before becoming official members of the force. The bodyguards dress in military-inspired guard, wearing either khaki jumpsuits or fatigues with red berets… as well as make-up, polished nails and jewelry, even when on the job.

Indeed, Ghadafi does the selection process, none of the others around get dibs

Men cannot do celibacy, it hardly ever works. Women on the other hand have a different mechanism and this is where Ghadafi’s views may come into play. In Islam, virginity is considered an honour, one of the highest qualities, and indicative of commitment, faith and loyalty. So it makes sense from Gadafi’s Islamic lens that they would be required to be virgins, considered one of the highest honours. Yet those of you exposed to Eurocentrism and western beliefs imply it must be something perverse, promiscuous, etc. This says more about those who think that way, than the women who choose such an oath.

Clearly, this view on Ghadafi assumes a neutral position, not attempting to maneuverer itself as devil’s advocate nor as a piece that is intent on condemnation. Ghadafi himself is undeniably a survivor, the only question is if he will continue to survive and endure. The sands of the Sahara can only determine that. In essence, it is ultimately in the hands of God who stays in power and who is ultimately usurped and by what means. The concept of virgin female guards is not something new and does carry with it archaic and ancient underpinnings.

Daffy Ghadaffi