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Hip-Hop and Politics…The Arab Spring and a Call for Equality

June 13, 2011


Just Another Mickey Boston Piece… While the summer edition of the 2011 Park Jams finally debut in NYC, many hip-hop heads true to the art and elements of the culture may sometimes become weary of where hip-hop is headed in context of mainstream and commercial shifts. Indeed, one may find solace in the new efforts […]

Mickey Boston Encounters The 2 Hungry Bros. at Fat Beats

June 7, 2011


An Encounter with Deep of the 2 Hungry Brothers. Mickey Boston (Big Brosky Bidallz) first crossed the 2 Hungry Bros. back in the day after having thoroughly listened to and enjoyed their previous works. In 2006 as he browsed through the crates of what was then a hip-hop oasis, Fat Beats—and thank you Fat Beats […]

b-boy and popping Photography – February 2011

June 6, 2011


Montreal, February 2011 All photographs taken by Montreal hip-hop artist Mickey Boston. Photos are copyrighted by Mickey Boston and are a gift to each individual in the Montreal dance scene. A special thanks goes out to Montreal’s b-boy and b-girl community, the poppers, lockers and breakers who work hard at what they do here in Montreal. […]

Mickey Boston and Test Their Logik Record “Money”

June 4, 2011


Anarchist hip-hop duo Test Their Logik and Mickey Boston touched base to record their single “Money” at DJ Conn-Shaenery’s crib-studio in Montreal’s Plateau district. Big Brosky crossed Test Their Logik while performing just before them at Montreal’s Beats Against the Beast show in March of March of 2011. “Money” is a track about money. Undeniably, […]

Big Brosky Answers The New Yorker: bin Laden vis-à-vis Che Guevera

June 2, 2011


bin Laden this. bin Laden that. Indeed, there are many conspiracy theories and theorists out there. Truth be told, the “bin Laden” assassinated by the US, was the real bin Laden, or rather was it? “Assassinated” is the key word here, reports have been consistent with “bin Laden” being executed at foot of one of […]