Mickey Boston and Test Their Logik Record “Money”

Posted on June 4, 2011


Anarchist hip-hop duo Test Their Logik and Mickey Boston touched base to record their single “Money” at DJ Conn-Shaenery’s crib-studio in Montreal’s Plateau district. Big Brosky crossed Test Their Logik while performing just before them at Montreal’s Beats Against the Beast show in March of March of 2011.

“Money” is a track about money. Undeniably, the aim of the track was not intent on being an anthem for money. Simply out, the track itself is a narrative and commentary on money. This narrative and commentary depicts negative aspects of money for the most however, one has got to give it an ear before anything goes forward:

Produced by Mickey Boston, the track brings about the socio-economic ideals to the fore. Indeed, much can be said and expressed about money and in a capitalist nexus, it is most likely it is one of the most oft-thought about themes that loops in the minds of so many in this world. The cover art for the track is merged together by Mickey Boston. The art depicts events, conspiracies, words, themes and ideas expressed within the track by the three MCs.

Cover-art for “Money” by Mickey Boston and Test Their Logik

 The base of the art is centered on a US bank note. Undeniably, Mickey Boston, a former American, naturally opted for a US currency even though the track featured a Canadian Anarchist group and was itself recorded in Montreal, Canada. The US dollar itself has been a currency that so many trade in and so it seemed fitting to have a US bank note for the art which speaks so compellingly for itself.

In context of the recording itself, Test Their Logik made themselves at home in DJ Conn-Shawnery’s basement crib-studio. Crashing at cribs, Test Their Logik are no strangers to coming into peoples homes as they are embraced across the country. Both Testament and Illogik loved the Conn-Starr crib and actually made themselves quite comfortable as they each browsed on social media while listening to Conn-Shawnery’s newer projects with Blurum 13. After having relaxed at the crib, Brosky and Test Their Logik all collectively headed off to the east end of Montreal to see the finishing touches of the “No One is Illegal” video clip.

Mickey Boston: hiphop beneath the canopy of nature.

Mickey Boston: hiphop beneath the canopy of nature.