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“They Say HipHop” Lyrics, Cover-Art and Video

August 25, 2011


“They Say HipHop” is a track written and performed by Mickey Boston, Regimental Oneton and DJ Conn Shawnery. Recorded at studio Conn-Soul, Montreal, “They Say HipHop” was supported by CKUT‘s WEFUNK as DJ Static and Professor Groove played it on their rotation as well as shared the video clip. By consequence of WEFUNK Radio‘s support, […]

Kase2 King of Style Passes Away to Lung Cancer.

August 18, 2011


Style King. Such was one definition of Kase2. For me Kase2 was the first embodiement of camouflage within a piece and ironically I had crossed his very same words in 1982′s Style Wars, a documentary I had only crossed in 1996 when in high school. I first met Kase2, the King of Style in 2004 […]

The Rawkus Tribute – ILL Mestizo & Brosky Commute the Subway

August 9, 2011


Metal Centipedes There is no hiding the fact that urban street art has come a very long way since “Julio 204” started tagging his name on NYC trains. Like the trains, the art has continued to move in rapid transit format by means of making stops in every major city worldwide only to suddenly gain […]

“Bodega Sunshine” Lyrics and Cover Art – Weyes & Brosky in the Studio

August 1, 2011


Total Lack of Sanitation? In context of the making of “Bodega Sunshine” much was attributed to the desire to record something meaningful and memorable. One’s focus as a recording artist in my view is to produce something meaningful and quite personally, I am a hip-hop artist rather fatigued of meaningless bars being expressed by other […]

Mickey Boston & Weyes Record “Bodega Sunshine”

August 1, 2011


Summertime in the city brings about an all too familiar urban heat wave. Smog conquers the urban skyline while the pavement becomes hot enough to scramble eggs. Indeed urban summertime would not be complete without the BBQs, summer jams and, of course, the local neighborhood kids dancing around a freshly spewing fire hydrant in order […]