New Zealand Police on Graffiti Art

Posted on December 17, 2011


My boy Regimental Oneton does not like the term “Graffiti.” To this day it’s still a term that I do not use around the artist himself and as matter of fact never considered it until he pointed it out to me in our 2011 interview. Since then we’ve knocked out quite a few projects together and see the term “graffiti” in the same light and context. In essence, Oneton and I are in no mood to get into the debate since he’s mentioned his two-cents time and time again, you’d just have to Google or youtube it. Despite such givens, we are both aligned on the notion of “Street-Art.” There is no hiding that art is art, be it done by the bristles of a brush or a spraycan.
Indeed Street Art has gone commercial and mainstream however, it’s grassroots are literally from the confines of the underground, essentially crawling out the crevices like roaches into the light in order for the masses to sight. Have the masses seen the light? This remains a question to be answer and deconstructed into another time and dimension.
In order to fight fire, the beast desires to use fire. Burning walls is what the New Zealand beast has opted to undertake and adopt. Fighting underground with underground tactics? This is not something they randomly pulled out of their sheer “genius.” As an emcee and someone who once picked up the spraycan at a young age there is no denying that it’s an insult to the culture and the tradition. Of course, the beast has no regard or consideration for the culture and the tradition and the custom and the convention. The recruitment campaign is clearly seen as whack by artists, moreover intellectual property theft does undeniably come to the fore when one is mimicking the style of any artist, in this case, Banksy. Have a look for yourself:

What’s rather entertaining about all this is that the murals actually depict real-life predicaments with the intent of either discouraging artists or even scaring them from even picking up a n aerosol can ever again. Some question if this would be illegal in itself, others just don’t like the idea and even others just find this ploy simply amusing.