“Metal Centipedes” – Lyrics

Posted on October 2, 2012


Metal Centipede Hiphop Revisited

After seeing the success of the video for “Metal Centipedes” filmed alongside Bronx Graffiti legend, COPE2, Mickey Boston was approached numerously to provide the lyrics to his bars on the track featuring Ill Mestizo. In essence, both Mickey Boston and Ill Mestizo are grateful for COPE2’s presence within the entire video while also executing an iconic piece at Montreal’s Can You Rock Festival 2011. The track itself was intended to be featured on Mickey Boston’s upcoming solo debut album, “Tentacle Discourse – The Dr. Kovaks Report” scheduled for late 2013. In essence, Brosky decided to release it as a solo project alongside Ill Mestizo and DJ Conn-Shawnery. The cover-art itself was a tribute to Rawkus as the emcees wanted to revisit a classic era in hiphop. Mickey Boston did mention to former Rawkus emcee, Shabaam Sahdeeq, while recording Journeymen’s “The Journey”, about the cover, since the backside of the original cover was “On Mission”.

Cover-art for Metal Centipedes tribute to a Rawkus classic

The concept of the Metal Centipedes video was to capture a piece of history, COPE2 responding to the unfortunate passing of King Kase 2 which occurred about 2 weeks prior the painting. COPE was intent on making a piece that was dedicated to KASE’s memory. The video itself was shot by Mickey Boston but does not feature Mickey Boston nor ILL Mestizo who uniquely rap on the track produced by Mickey Boston’s former DJ and producer, DJ Warp. In essence, the video is not about COPE, Mickey Boston or ILL Mestizo, the video and art is a tribute to a great artist who fought much adversity and did it all despite his handicap, King Kase 2.

Bronx Graffiti Legend COPE2 paints his tribute piece for KING KASE2 in Montreal who passed away 2 weeks prior of the painting. Photograph by emcee Mickey Boston.

For those who met KASE2, many would recall his aura and warmth, his radiant smile and positivity. COPE himself has always reserved the position that it has always been none other than God’s Blessing to be able to paint four letters in bubble form and be able to live off it and travel the world. There is no denying it is.

In truth, Mickey Boston will be releasing new subway hip-hop alongside the likes of Queens emcee, Melo Malo, and Bronx emcee Presto. The track, “Grand Central Grhyme” features a video cameo by veteran beatsmith John Wholetrain. “Grand Central Grhyme” itself will be featured on the upcoming Melo Malo and Mickey Boston album entitled “Mammoths, Goliaths and other Behemoths” scheduled for release in 2013. In essence, subway hiphop is a quintessential element of the art and one can never have enough exposure to the underground centipede that channels above and below the metropolis.

Cover-Art for “Grand Central Grhyme” featuring Queens emcee Melo Malo and Bronx emcee Presto alongside Mickey Boston


Burn a Wall Under Pressure,

Hide them techs in the dresser

what the the hell is the lesson

when the world is undressing?

YOU could kill Mics with good words

spread like germ

when the earthworm

burn a brick of underground herb

who the hell is this?

big bubble letters and a twist

took a Brisk,

left the risk

dropped a can, now he smack the bitch

with the art of soundbomb,

all-city groundhog,

dark-shadow hearthob

turn-buckles, stalls and molotows:

feel the rumble in the jungle

when the train start to tunnel

and the pass cost a bundle

alcoholic tip and tumble

Barney Gumble – clutch a Montana mumble


Praise God.

Arms for bread?

Bread for arms?

when the world lost its stars

for expensive cars

and weak commercial bars

curse my enemies

and frenemies

to roam subterrainean Metal Centipedes

my vision is wishing

to cease the permanent effects of malnutrician

I’m itching

as other emcees are bitching

over hoe they doper than the other fishes:

my sea humanitarian?

Aryan? Samarian? Non-Bavarian.

Jet-fuel missle carrying,

blaze a krylon,

jump a pylon

wild style on,

ghostface nylon,

so let the writers write on.