Posted on October 18, 2012



Founded in 2011, Journeymen hiphop was architect by producer John Wholetrain. What you need to know is on a need to know basis. Queens emcee Melo Malo and Mickey Boston Kovaks drop the bars mathematical hardbody. Tha Cultivator and the silent madman drop the bars on Wholetrain productions bringing a product that is distinct yet succinct.

Journeymen Hiphop – Mickey Boston, John Wholetrain, Melo Malo.

Mickey Boston

Pronounced Mic-Key Boston, he assumes the alias of Walter Kovaks. The emcee who delivers that hardbody hiphop with poignant punchlines that make one think and re-think. He is focused on a hard delivery with a socially conscious underpinning. His Journey has been beautiful and complicated, and yet, his narrative is simplified to cadenced rhymes. In truth, Brosky is about implementing a hard beastmode style that is personified by the fire of a hungry belly that yearns to speak over matters other emcees don’t always touch upon. His role as Kovaks is poised on telling the stories of what he has seen and experienced as a nocturnal urban street wanderer.

Mickey Boston also known as Dr. Walter Kovaks brings the hardbody dimension to the Journeymen venture.

John Wholetrain

The former crate digger became a producer of infectious instrumentals. Sniffing classic samples out of second hand stores like a bloodhound, Wholetrain is the architect of the Journeymen venture. His musical contribution is catered to the hardbody and mathematical styles of the Mickey Boston and Melo Malo emcee merge. He is a musical mind that has developed a distinct production technique and style. He is intent on creating new sounds amidst making use of seminal elements of hiphop while fusing them with a cutting edge sound with a classic boombap foundation. His brisk drum loops are inspired by innovative nature to experiment with new sounds.

John Wholetrain is the Architect behind Journeymen like Professor-X was to the X-Men.


Queens, NYC contributed its part to hiphop. Melo Malo Paulino follows in that tradition. He brings his science and mathematics in a 90s boombap purist manifestation. The battle emcee narrates a cadenced journey that stays true to the culture. He wields his flows like a craftsman who is skilled in his trade, as he throws caution to the wind he able to handle the intricacies of his rhyme schemes like a skilled snake charmer, never getting bit by what he is handling. Melo Malo moves ahead with a foreshadowing of the political, scientific and conspiratorial whilst also bringing the satirical and embellishments to the Journeymen round table.

Melo Malo is “Tha Cultivator” carrying the Queens glory within the Journeymen establishment as plants The New Seed in a sullied soil.