Big Brosky on Campus – Mickey Boston back at McGill University…

Posted on May 9, 2013


If some of you crossed big Mic-key Boston on McGill campus refrain from rubbing your eyes, indeed it is true. Big Brosky is back on campus throughout 2011 until 2013 knocking out a 2nd Master’s degree however, this time in an undisclosed faculty at the downtown campus.

So how is McGill University, “Harvard North,” and what is it like to be on campus? For starters, there are not many hip-hop artists to cypher with on campus, and to be sincere, intellectual exchanges and witty debates with the student body of McGill campus is rather amusing. There is no hiding the fact that I have crossed some very diverse minds on campus, most of whom have been fascinating random students, who actually take interest in what it is I have to say about any given topic. I sometimes wonder if the fellow peeps of this campus are strongly intent on psychoanalyzing me. On the other hand, aside from the witty and random exchanges is the laughter. I have had quite the run-ins on campus and much seems to be dramatic with Mickey Boston but those in the inner circle know it and enjoy it best.

After having worked a couple of years towards doctoral work and then taking a year hiatus from higher education, I opted to return for another graduate degree in a whole new faculty. A new beginning with McGizzle was what I was destined for, but to my surprise, I never saw so many people actually studying before in all my previous years of university–this is largely due in fact that I would NEVER frequent libraries to get any work done, I’d just knock out my papers from home or a cafe. Writing papers on my end required research and not studying, it required writing, something that I do as a songwriter anyways and so the sight of students actually sitting down and studying was new to me because for the first time I actually had to sit down to study and not write papers or a thesis/dissertation chapter.

Studio recordings were not put on the backburner as new tracks were, and still are being released however, performing shows was another thing. Aside from regularly performing at l’Escalier every Thursday night alongside fellow wordsmiths Monk-E and Urbn LogiX, bigger shows were not entirely possible with exception of having done one major show in December 2011 alongside Test Their logik, Alquimia Verbal and Micros Armes. Despite this, there are other reasons why shows were put on the backburner for my second semester at McGill which will be touched upon at a later time.

After the second McGill flood, the flood in which a poor soul, had been subject to the rapids right in front of me, I knew it was going to be a long semester. After completing the Winter 2013 semester, we (Mickey Boston and John Wholetrain of Journeymen) jumped on the opener for Slum Village at Cabaret Underworld.

Opening for Slum Village at Cabaret UW Montreal. Rocking the set whilst rocking the new SOLA hoodie. Photograph by Bruno D Capture, 2013.

Opening for Slum Village at Cabaret UW Montreal. Rocking the set whilst rocking the new SOLA hoodie. Photograph by Bruno D Capture, 2013.

The balance between music, art, photography, academics and bills is rather intriguing for me. I thoroughly enjoy the balancing act; multi-tasking is not something many males can do and is solely reserved for the multi-talented. Despite such givens, radio appearances were upheld while airplay on Montreal hip-hop radio shows is still present. Parker Mah had me come through to talk about the new Journeymen EP entitled “Pledge of the Respirator” that was released March 26th, 2013. Undeniably, I do have to thank Rev, and DJ BuddaBlaze for inviting Regimental Oneton and myself to McGill Radio’s CKUT for an interview on Off the Hook.

Discussing papers and academics over dinner. Scheduling the next recordings and shows amidst balancing exams.

Discussing papers and academics over dinner. Scheduling the next recordings and shows amidst balancing exams.

McGill is an institute with a lot to offer, I am indebted to CKUT radio from my teenage years. Despite such givens there have been student strikes in reaction to potential tuition hikes which renders life rather taxing for students and those affected by the student reaction. My faculty grad students did go on strike. I have my own reservations on the strike itself. In short, I also went on strike.

One thing led to another an suddenly Law 78 was introduced which evoked the casseroles to break out. By speaking of pots and pans I’d be digressing from the initial focus of Brosky on Campus. The campus itself has so much to offer but why compete directly with Harvard? Why bother to call McGill “Harvard North”? Makes no sense to me, who coined this? Seems like the McGill brand likes it in order to attract global attention.

In truth, my father came to McGill in 1965 to do a Master’s. Here I am in 2013 doing and finishing my second one. Undeniably, there is mad pride for me to be here, my father arrived as a student with nothing and no money. My father used to shovel snow to make five dollars to buy his groceries which really motivated me to work hard because of obvious reasons. Having said this, my struggle was the same, growing up in St-Henri with no washing machine and feeling ashamed while also being prompted to steal stuff since my parents couldnt afford a bike or skateboard or baseball glove for me, I’ve come a long way. At McGill I see that Im on a campus, I walk, hit my building do my thing and bust out, I tend to leave campus rapidly, I dont stick around beyond what I have to, Ive got a hustle now that I live in Point St-Charles, where I’m all about he underdog and the peasant and believe he/she can come up with a lot of hard work and will especially when it’s an uphill battle. Im not backed by big money and when the tuition fees go up, it becomes very very hard especially when I have to work harder than most, but at the end of the day, I dont really care about my trajectory and how I grew up or what I’m facing, I just look at it differently: I just gotta get done what I gotta get done.

In reality, I dont care about my story, no time to think. Instead of dwelling hard on the past, I’d rather build the future. Writing new hiphop and getting new recordings is highly influenced by what is happening within the confines of our surroundings. A lot of the Mickey Boston hiphop out there that you hear is socio-economic or political while other times it is satirical and comedic. In 2011, MUNACA was on strike, in 2012 campus has been quiet. Frosh was Fresh, actually Frosh Prince oriented and Monroe-Blum extended warm welcomes to all students. The Redman football team lost its first two games and last year I learned that the first organized hockey game with rules and all was played in McGill’s backyard, not bad…In truth, I enjoy studying here even though I dont styudy much compared to everyone else. Moreover, I beleive all McGill students, grads and alumni hold some form of pride for this place, despite this I think the McGill track is corny, had the university paid me to drop a 16 on McGill it’d been dope…

By the time you cross the end of this post, well it is likely that I’ve graduated from McGill and the GPA is higher than Redman.

Mickey Boston and Mr. Beefy.

Mickey Boston and Mr. Beefy.