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Enter the 36 with the Respirator’s Pledge – The Album Covers & their Art

June 19, 2013


What is defined by great album cover-art? What is good art? More specifically, what is great art that is made to compliment an album’s sound? One can manage to pull out a myriad of webpages and articles alike that highlight what some of the best and/or greatest album covers have been in recent music history. […]

Enter the 36 Tentacles – Suction Cups, Sauce and Press

June 6, 2013


“Enter” she said… What happens when a blunt and controversial “graffiti” artist and a conscious revolutionary-oriented emcee come together to record a full-length hiphop album? The result is a sheer idiosyncratically obscure and rugged boombap product in which spraycan artist, Regimental Oneton, and activist emcee, Mickey Boston Kovaks bring to the fore. In essence, the two emcees, from opposites […]

Big Brosky and Oneton – Blunt Bottles over the Head

June 6, 2013


Rugged, blunt and paradoxically controversial are what adjectives that can be accurately used to describe the sound of the merge between “graffiti” artist emcee Regimental Oneton and conscious revolutionary-oriented emcee, Mickey Boston Kovaks. The two emcees equate for a rather obscure duo of solo emcees coming together to birth a cut-throat boombap product that is idiosyncratically uncanny to […]

Journeymen EP – Press Release – “Pledge of the Respirator”

June 6, 2013


With influences ranging from KRS-One to Pink Floyd, members of the underground Hip-Hop conglomerate, “Journeymen”, have rapidly made a name for themselves both in the US and Canada. 2013 will be an important milestone for the three boom bap fiends as they officially release their highly anticipated debut EP, Pledge of the Respirator. In the tradition […]

Journeymen – When Hiphop Choke’s without a Mask

June 5, 2013


Boombap Fiends Choke without Strapping their Masks It remains undeniable that the rather uncanny gas mask carries with it an even more uncanny genesis. It is such that the breathing apparatus itself does carry roots dating as far back as thousands of years. Despite such givens, it’s popularization was the result of more frequent usage of […]

Amped Sounds Reviews Journeymen and El Da Sensei Video “New Seed”

June 4, 2013


What do you get when you cross an emerging Canadian emcee, a well established underground microphone specialist, and a budding director? You get the vividly shot, Boom-Bap influenced, “New Seed”, a hardcore track featuring the skills of Mickey Boston and El Da Sensei. The veteran and freshman deliver a great track that fans of both […]