“The Krylon” – Lyrics (Mickey Boston & Regimental Oneton)

Posted on July 31, 2013


Many have been requesting the lyrics to “The Krylon”. As result, Mickey Boston and Regimental Oneton have opted to post them and satisfy the needs and demands of those fans who have been unable to get enough of the ground-breaking “Enter the 36 Tentacles” album. With cameos by Meres One, Jilly Ballistic and COPE2 and filmed at 5pointz as well as in Montreal, “The Krylon” is a tribute to graffiti culture and features the art of Regimental Oneton.

VERSE 1 – Mic-key Boston Kovaks

I feel like Wyndham Lewis

When he paint the vortex cubic,

As the art manifest fluid, and my words lucid

Upon the music that would be human

The soul bring about the humid ruin

Evaporate grip 94, like it was ’94 and put the cans to the floor

Back in ’84 when they had to lift it from the store

See the bubbles like Cola. Beautiful as SOLA

Im on the up and up footwork carpentry to the woodwork

I certainly see no demise to this when I fix my eyes to this

Son…you could fix your sights on this

See the bliss within the snake hiss,

safari of bricks when the rattle bring about the memories ample

How I used to sketch yet sample

Illicit words to the canvas, fat caps, skinnies

My fragrance living Princely…

HOOK 1 – DJ Overflow

VERSE 2 – Regimental Oneton

Everyday… I write Graffiti on the wall

I say “I love you” toast to the kids with balls

I outline the game proclaim the wall

Then I out shine the lame

Restrain the cat calls

It’s a high pressure no leisure fuckin’ art form

I’m a day time bomber no fear in the storm

Transform city bricks cast out city pricks

Slap toy faggots riding on my city dick

Stay true to my colors I’m a red pink brother

Pocheoir Don Dutta Fine Art mother fucker

My cans much tougher and  I don’t crew with others

All alone in the game, a bunch of box cutters

Lung and Liver fucked up I’m more sicker

Contaminated with the mist coming out my finger

Go figure what keeps me living makes me die quicker

Popo track me down, they want me no bigger.

HOOK 2 – DJ Overflow


VERSE 3 – Mic-key Boston Kovaks

I remember you, you and you,

Kase2 and even COPE2.

Colours of the slum breathing in the lungs

Buster Keaton drinking rum, Bruce Davidson in Love,

Pigeons eating all the crumbs and the aerosol free as dove

You could see where I’m coming from:

I’m talking throw-ups that vomit from the grind

When your eyes looking from behind…

You got a bag full of colours, empty cans in the cupboard

See the piece start to structure and the living start to rupture

When the surface start to cover so you burn a little Thunder

So the people start to wonder, “hunh?”

See the beauty create: manifest semen to the cement, birth of achievement

See the world in a grain of sand when the man paint from his hand

And all the cans emit fumes to his glands

Understand the risk taken for art,

Jumping on tracks, paint the whole mother fuckin’ cart…

HOOK 3 – DJ Overflow