“Open Black Book” Video – Mickey Boston & Regimental Oneton Press Release

Posted on September 19, 2013


Regimental Oneton breaks out the spraycans and Mickey Boston breaks open the black book. The 36 Tentacle duo return after their 5pointz tribute video “The Krylon” which featured cameos by Meres One, COPE2, Ella Grave, DJ Overflow and artist Mireille Champagne. “Open Black Book” is directed by Regimental Oneton who is also seen rocking out his live piece at Montreal’s 2013 edition of Under Pressure Graffiti Convention.

The concept of the black book is rather simplistic. Whack writers should simply put the black book down in like manner that whack emcees out to put the cliche book of rhymes down. There is no hiding the fact that urban street art has come a very long way since “Julio 204” started tagging his name on NYC trains. Like the trains, the art has continued to move in rapid transit format by means of making stops in every major city worldwide only to suddenly gain allure of making full stops within suburbs as well.

From tagging came a more sophisticated artistic medium via the spraycan’s ominpotent presence gripped within the artist’s palm. What was once a moment of “vandalism” became a meticulous craft that was no longer “hit and run.” Jumping a fence or looking over one’s shoulder was still present however, aesthetic desire to create something more than just a tag on a wall was deemed necessary for the artist for he/she was preoccupied with making and producing an oeuvre that would have time, meditation and colour invested in it.

Ironlak 36 tentacles - Mickey Boston Philosophy - Under Pressure 2013

“Enter the 36 Tentacles” by Regimental Oneton and Mickey Boston, play it whilst you paint

Undeniably like the MC with a mic in his/her palm, the tagger and artist is a writer. The MC writes his verses and bars in a book rhymes while his subculture contemporary writes and lays out his sketches, notes and writings in his/her sketchbook. The pen and pencil is the foundational tool concerning the genesis of what is penmanship, authorship and artistry. Making poetry with the spraycan renders the artist as a “pure author” who is thus omnipresent within a work while yet simultaneously playing as a ghostly figure–an entity who makes himself heard whilst remaining silent.

Regimental Oneton and Mickey Boston drop their distinct verses on Spanish producer Aukan’s joint. The video features the artistic process of Regimental Oneton’s art in live manifestation as Die Antwoord is featured alongside Ghostface, Bill Murray, Clint Eastwood, Yolandi and a few others for viewers to note.

Mickey Boston & Regimental Oneton - Die Antwoord - Under Pressure 2013

Mickey Boston and Regimental Oneton rocking out Under Pressure 2013.