The Return of Mic-Key Bidallz – MicKey Boston after hiatus

Posted on February 16, 2017


Many have been wondering he went. He took a longtime, it was a minute. Here is the letter:

To my fans, family and peoples,

It has been three years I went away…2013 to 2016 I was living in the Middle-East. I still live here, only visiting Montreal once for a summer.

2017, I’m back after all the fuckin court cases and prosecutions, the shit affected my art. The frustration grew. It made no sense to me whilst working in a college that I had to go through tribulations within the department. The faculty had an underground movement, I had to take a lead on corruption, abuse of power and iron-curtainism.

In 2016, I connected with Roccwell. We merged with DJ CASE. We created ALL COASTERS. We recorded the full-length album. 2017 is THE CYCLE.

I built with the homie Peet Caliber and Drematik.

After having last put out an EP in 2013, my travels took me to new places. I was away. I met with Lyon-based producer, Karmawin. Karma and I put together an EP, got it mixed and mastered.

I know that many factors have affected my art. I dont want it as an excuse, I had places to be and the time off was necessary on my end.

Regimental Oneton and I are still at it for our sequel album to “Enter the 36 Tentacles” – it’s just a process.

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Mickey Boston and Regimental Oneton, back together, summer 2017

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Regimental Oneton and I spent a lot of time in summer 2016 to get our new album together, it’s still in writing and recording, be patient, it sounds heavy.