Mutant Corp. – A look at the Art

Posted on February 21, 2017


When Melo Malo and I, Mic-Key Boston Kovaks came together to do “Mutant Corp.”, we knew exactly how we wanted rip apart XEptional’s beat.

After crate digging one afternoon, I stumbled upon the sample after randomly buying a stack fro The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I sent the sample to XCEP, the rest was history.

I hit up Montreal artist Louis Sollune for the art, he sent a prelimanary of the art, the rest was history right there.

I never thanked him enough for the art, I told him exactly what I had in mind: Mic-Key Boston with a Microphone in his hand about to bash it into a tentacled-cockroach mutant’s dome. The mutant itself was being controlled by men in corporate suits.

As Melo Malo Paulino and I were unable to get one of these real mutants into our video, we went with a standard cockroach and shot the video on Wall Street. In hindsight, the art and the video came out the way we wanted it, Melo Malo and I destroyed the track with punchlines that had a multiple entendres and hidden puns.

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