Album Art – “When the Sky is Blue”

Posted on March 9, 2017


The homie Karma and I went back and forth a few times concerning the art for the EP cover.

There was a selfie that I really liked that I took in the Middle-East, which inspired the writing of this entire EP.

Then came the second pick I chose for the backside. This was taken by the Brosky Sam Zubrovsky in Place-des-Arts metro in Montreal. I wanted that for the backside track listing.

In the end, I was coolies with Karma’s album cover. I owe a big thanks and shoutout to Empuls, my brother Peet Caliber and my lifetime Brosky, Regimental Oneton.

The art came out the way I liked it, as El-P off “End to End Burners” would say, “job well done”

Mickey Boston Hiphop - When the Sky is Blue

Mickey Boston & KarmawiN – “When the Sky is Blue”

mickey boston & karmawin - when the sky is blue

The Cover – Mickey Boston and KamrawiN

Mickey Boston - When the Sky is Blue - Hiphop

Mickey Boston and KamrawiN – Blue Sky Selfie