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“SCIENCE” – The Video, Art and Press

May 11, 2017


Back when I released “Science” I was hyped over how much I loved how the track and video came out. I rocked that freshly received ELEMENTALITY tee provided by the good people at ELEMENTALITY. Journeymen’s John Wholetrain did a cameo and of course my Brosky, Regimental Oneton repped himself in a guerrilla shot after the […]

Mickey Boston & Rico Blox Record “Freedom”

May 4, 2017


Freedom and hip-hop, it’s been executed many times before however, for good reason. We all desire to live free. Men and Women undeniably desire to live free without constraints, the freedom to be able to exercise the right to free speech and free expression. In essence, Freedom, for those versed in rudimentary political science know, […]