“SCIENCE” – The Video, Art and Press

Posted on May 11, 2017


Back when I released “Science” I was hyped over how much I loved how the track and video came out. I rocked that freshly received ELEMENTALITY tee provided by the good people at ELEMENTALITY. Journeymen’s John Wholetrain did a cameo and of course my Brosky, Regimental Oneton repped himself in a guerrilla shot after the recording at Conn Shawnery’s Plateau studio.

mickey boston hiphop

P-Prod from Chile sent me the masterpiece and I penned it within a good 20 minutes. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the beat and where I wanted to with it lyrically. The rest was history.

I was obsessed with Science as a subject in school. I loved David Suzuki and Eyewitness books, in truth, my bedroom bookshelf was full of science and dinosaur books next to my Wolverine and Spider-Man comics.

Science still fascinates me to this day, however “science” to me encompasses politics and sociology, so when my peoples ask me “what’s the Science King?”, it’s undeniable that I have a lot to say in response.

Shooting the video for “Science” was dope, we did the video shoot at McGill where I was finishing off grad school, the homie Angel Sarengetti hooked up the lab and I always wanted to wear a lab coat with camo shorts, so I got my way on that hahahaha.

mickey boston science hiphop

The lab scenes and takes were intent to narrate Dr. Kovak’s research as a geneticist. If you notice, there was no rapping in the lab as Dr. Kovaks is deeply focused on his genetic research.

On the hand, there was the Hyde side of Dr. Kovaks, that was Mic-Key Boston in the back seat of the cadillac. Here Mic-key Boston raps and looks out the window of a cemetery pondering over the clones that passed away as Dr. Kovaks was unsuccessful at times in his research.

“Science” was to be the opener for the entire “Clone Locusts and Genetic Machinery” EP. As Mic-Key Boston is being driven to the laboratory, he reads a science book, an allusion to who Mic-Key Boston was when he was growing up.

The track closes on a “to be continued” notion as the next track fades in which is the opening track that features New Jersey’s Peet Caliber.


What is Science? What defines the molecular discourse of the laboratory we reside in? Emcee Mickey Boston (pronounced “Mic-Key Boston”) drops science in regards to a narrative that highlights the “scientific” aspects of the world we currently reside in. As a veteran emcee-activist, Mickey Boston has yet to release his solo album despite having marked a notable presence on all six tracks of his hiphop group’s, Journeymen, debut EP entitled Pledge of the Respirator which was entirely produced by Journeymen emcee/producer, John Wholetrain. 

Global forecast, conspiracy theory, street politics as well as real-life experiences and detailed testimony are what carry Mickey Boston’s listeners through a perspective that challenges the listener with even half-a-dome to relate to in regards to the “Science” of the street and it’s distinct scientific method. Jagged and sincere are the adjectives that would define the delivery and cadence of Science which is focused on delving into the virus of society expressed through the lens of the scientist’s microscope, in this case, Dr. Mickey Boston Kovaks. In essence, the scientist’s style is raw, genuine and uncut with a delivery that brings realism to the fore as it is backed by the production of Chilean producer, P-Prod.