“YOU’RE DOOMED” – The Video

Posted on September 12, 2017



Roaming in his 90s grind and laced Timberland boots, Mic-Key Boston teams a return with Regimental Oneton in order to bring their first album single “YOU’RE DOOMED” produced by Skoddy Pimpin’.  “Gorilla Voodoo” is Regimental Oneton and Mickey Boston returning to a full-length album after successfully releasing their 2013 debut album “Enter the 36 Tentacles”.

Rugged, blunt and motivated by a hardbody production by Skoddy Pimpin’, the two team up to bring “YOU’RE DOOMED” which was guerilla shot and directed by both Brosky and Oneton.

Montreal producer Skoddy Pimpin’ enlisted the doom talents of Mickey Boston and Regimental Oneton to release a rather enigmatic doombap concoction that stands out in all caps. While the title is in all caps, the record marks the return of Regimental Oneton and Mickey Boston as a duo after a lengthy hiatus since 2013. “YOU’RE DOOMED” produced by Skoddy Pimpin’ features a doombap feel from the gifted producer who recently released his album, “Promises”, in 2017. “YOU’RE DOOMED” marks a new era for Oneton and Brosky Kovaks who will be releasing their new 17-track album entitled “Gorilla Voodoo” in 2017.

While well-known for writing about aliens and tentacles, Regimental Oneton and Mickey Boston return with more content to the lyrical table with “Gorilla Voodoo” picking up where “Enter the 36 Tentacles” closed off. The duo of Regimental Oneton and Mickey Boston come together to birth a cut-throat product that is unpredictable to say the least.

Artists: Regimental Oneton and Mic-key Boston Album: GORILLA VOODOO (2017) Directed by: Regimental Oneton and Mic-key Boston Wardrobe: Regimental Oneton tees and tanks Produced by: SKODDY PIMPIN Mixed and Mastered by Skoddy Pimpin and Relitivmtl DOWNLOAD the entire album at http://36tentacles.bandcamp.com

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