Video – Press Release – “90s Cassettes & Backpacks”

Posted on September 13, 2017


Some may argue that the 90s were a decade that left a longstanding mark on hiphop history. Moreover, for Mic-key Boston Kovaks, the 90s were a time the genre was at its zenith.

With a strong feeling of nostalgia for a by-gone era in hiphop, All Coasters bring their debut video for their single “90s Cassettes & Backpacks” which premiered on Goon Musick. The video is an introduction to the All Coasters sound, lead by the production of Roccwell and smoothly complemented by the cuts of DJ CASE.

For All Coasters emcee, Mickey Boston, the 90s was an era marked by the notable presence of cassettes and backpacks. In order to capture the vibe of a 90s sub-culture, All Coasters have come about with an album entitled “The Cycle” which is intent on bringing back an original boombap sound with contemporary themes relating to a world moving towards the year 2020.

As DJ CASE, Roccwell and Mickey Boston lived the 90s, the trio experienced what was to them, a platinum decade that was to see and hear the release of Nas’ “Illmatic”, ATCQ’s “Low End Theory”, Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ready To Die”, as well as the first in a series of universally brilliant and beloved RZA-produced Wu-Tang Clan solo albums, Method Man’s “Tical”, GZA’s “Liquid Swords” and Raekwon’s classic purple tape. Undeniably, the culture of the 90s was to be a strong influential factor and inspiration for the All Coasters sound.

“90s Cassettes & Backpacks” pays tribute to an extraordinary time to be a hip-hop fan, a time when cassettes and walkmans were part of life and backpacking was part of daily survival. Filmed between Montreal, Munich and Wales, the video provides a narrative that 90s fans can relate to as Mickey Boston gives mention to some classic moments in the 90s whilst DJ CASE cuts up some classic quotables as Roccwell sifts through his 90s cassettes collection. The All Coasters debut album entitled “The Cycle” is set for release with features by graffiti artist Regimental Oneton, Peet Caliber, Empuls, Mr. Greycloudz and Craig G.

mickey boston - all coasters - 90s cassettes photograph