Debut EP: Mic-Key Boston & XEptional “Clone Locusts & Genetic Machinery”

Posted on October 5, 2017


Debut EP: Mic-Key Boston & XEptional “Clone Locusts & Genetic Machinery”

After two full years of hiatus in the desert, Mic-Key Boston returns as Robotic Geneticist, Dr. Kovaks in his very first EP entitled Clone Locusts & Genetic Machinery. An EP entirely produced by young prodigy XEptional, MicKey Boston provides what is a narrative EP.

My first EP is an EP that still stands with some poignent punchlines, it’s an EP I always wanted to put out. The artwork was done by Jamie Zampini. There still hasn’t been a video to any of the tracks off this project. “Science” was a prelude to the EP. I am planning on releasing a video or two for a few tracks off this EP.

This EP actually marked a very first official debut of Mickey Boston and Peet Caliber on a track, although we had recorded a good 20 tracks together, we never officially released anything till this EP had been released. Regimental Oneton killed the hook on another record on this EP. Melo Malo and John Wholetrain held it down on this EP, we kept it in the family.

Hardbody boombap narrative is behind the science fiction of Mic-Key Boston’s debut EP offering. Morals and ethics of genetic engineering are the schism within the mental state of Dr. Kovaks.

Mickey Boston has finally released his solo duo debut EP despite having marked a notable presence on all six tracks of his hiphop group’s, Journeymen, debut EP entitled Pledge of the Respirator which was entirely produced by Journeymen emcee/producer, John Wholetrain.


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