Rawkus’ Soundbombing 20 Years Old – My Thoughts

Posted on October 22, 2017


The LP’s cover was a portrayal of my lifestyle, the graffiti metaphor of “bombing” to was tantamount to exactly what I was doing. I was hitting the Nuyorican Poets Cafe back in those days whilst meeting many cats and those were some of the most amazing days to be alive in NYC. Soundbombing brought out the dopest and freshest from Lyricist Lounge amongst others. Fat Beats was my regular stomping grounds. Let’s just say things were “Fortified Live” back in those days.

The reality was that it was popping off from the Nuyorican in the LES to Washington Park in Greenwich. I used to hustle in my Timbs on Canal Street and that album was backpacking with wherever I went, it travelled the Amtrak trains back to Montreal with me. That was the iconic album, the Iconic Soundbombing series. I paid tribute to it on my debut All Coasters video, “90s Cassettes and Backpacks”.

“Fire in Which you Burn” was my joint, my joint in the subway and up the firescapes, the sitar in the production killed me.

Soundboming 1 introduced Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek and actually brought something powerful to the limelight, that Mos Def and Talib Kweli had an incredible, enigmatic chemistry. I guess I was a hiphop-graffiti purist and Soundbombing was the soundtrack to all of it, it was the compilation that launched many careers, careers that were to later flourish. It was the most amazing album of it’s time, in fact, the most amazing series I ever crossed in my young hiphop career as both an emcee and fan of the musical genre.

Thank You Rawkus.