The Presence.


TALK is CHEAP. Too Cheap and 'Revolution' has been commercialized. Do people really know Che?


Many rock a Che tee or some patch. Do people really know who this man was? Are people aware of “Malcolm X” was? Mickey Boston was turned off to see another rapper roll weed in front of a “Malcolm X” photograph. Ironically, this emcee is of Muslim decent. Dr. Che, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, is one of MBs inspirations.  Despite such givens, he feels as though the legacies of both men may be eschewed in the minds of certain individuals.

“Revolution” has become something to commodify and market. Disappointingly, capitalism has rendered the notion of being able to replicate and duplicate on an assembly line of mass production. What is even more ironic is that sweatshop workers in both Pakistan and China manufacture, print and package countless “Che” and “Malcolm” t-shirts and accessories. Oppressed peasant workers who sweat within these sweatshops to earn a living for their slave master who does not allow them to look up and ask for a washroom break. No washrooms and no unions, no freedom and no liberty.

Blame capitalism. Blame consumerism. Blame any form or fashion or manifestation of nefariously corporate linked “isms.” Revolution and change will not be manifest in the hand of an Obama and the foreign policy of “constructive engagement.” Proper knowledge transcends fashion trends; tomorrow “Che” and “Malcolm” accessories will be out of style and substituted with a new facade…only those True to a wise vision know not to smoke weed in front of a “Malcolm” mural in a hip-hop clip. What good is your flow if your mind flow aint flow?


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