Big Brosky 1925

Big Brosky: Product of the ’80s

Mic-key ‘Big Brosky’ Boston was born on Quesnel street in Little Burgendy, Montreal. His mother, a university graduate from her country of origin, inspired him by the age of five to assume the initiative to be “creative.” By the age of six he was to head to NY with his family to the neighborhood of Jackson HeightsQueens. He quickly became a fan of the architecture of Shea Stadium and commuted the 7 train with his father. Baseball became one of his very first passions and after the departure of his beloved Montreal Expos, he adopted the Boston Red Sox as his favourite baseball team to this very day. At the age of seven, his father took him to Egypt where he was to pursue studies in Arabic.

It was only later on that he was to return to the West, this time to his mother now residing in St-Henri, Montreal, where he continued his schooling while frequenting between both Montreal and New York. By thirteen he was to move to Jordan to continue his studies in Arabic and then later on to Kuwait for a short stay.

Mic-key first started as a spraycan artist in high school. After almost dropping out, his father pulled him back on track and continuously questioned what he was always writing at the kitchen table. Mic-key started doing hip-hop at the age of thirteen and went public with it at fifteen. After struggling to finally complete his high school diploma, a sense of direction was still not in sight. Going to college was the next logical thing to do. On the brink of expulsion, he pulled it off and graduated after three years of repeated blunders.

The gameplan was to change at university, he got his act together and wanted to achieve something for his mother whom he had let down so much in his first twenty-one years.

After many years of struggles and disappointments, Mickey Boston finally completed his college diploma and opted to study literature as an undergraduate. By twenty-four, he completed his BA with Honours and graduated with a Masters with a specialty in American Literature in 2007. In 2013, he completed his 2nd Master’s degree from McGill University in Information Science

He went on to doctoral studies in the field of literature, only to drop  it after two years while simultaneously  teaching high school. In 2007, he opted to exile the United States and return to his hometown of Montreal. After a sixteen year affair with the United States, he now currently resides in Point St-Charles, Montreal while also currently holding a second Master’s degree whilst not knowing exactly what to do with it.

In essence,  Mickey Boston Kovaks formed the hiphop group JOURNEYMEN alongside producer/emcee John Wholetrain and Queens emcee Melo Malo in 2012. Mic-key Boston  has been gradually building his fan base and dropped Journeymen’s debut EP, “Pledge of the Respirator” in March of 2013 which was critically acclaimed and was also featured on Chuck D’s “And You Don’t Stop”. As result of hard work, Mickey Boston started to get featured on some notable blogs and websites such as AllHipHop, YouHeardThatNew, RubyHornet, Daily-HipHop & many more. June 2013, Mic-key Boston finally released his highly anticipated full-length album with controversial graffiti artist Regimental Oneton entitled “Enter the 36 Tentacles” which was signed on Planete Break Records.

Currently, Mickey Boston Kovaks completed his second master’s degree, this time in information science and is a College professor, lecturing full-time whilst also completing his upcoming solo EP, “Clone Locusts & Genetic Machinery” due out for February 2014. He is also completing a new EP with Chicago emcee Khanverse as well as the new highly anticipated Journeymen LP “The Guild”. Finally, Mickey Boston and Regimental Oneton will soon be starting their new album, all set for 2014.

Mickey Boston Kovaks provides the hiphop the kids need.

Mickey Boston Kovaks provides the hiphop the kids need.

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