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Ghadafi, Frantz Fanon and Marcus Garvey: Visions for Africa

March 6, 2011


Africa…Africa: beautiful, motherland, hungry, educated, walking, exploited, hurt, neglected, diverse. There have been many visions for Africa over the past six centuries and if one were to pop in Nas and Damian Marley‘s latest album, one may hear and listen to so many things said and told about a continent pillaged over and over again […]

Unlike Sappho Shopping in Sephora

January 30, 2011


Charges Dismissed Against Giuliani’s Little Princess. Aight so before anything, the night before I was doin some mild Top Rock training alongside my man Johnny Skywalker of Red Mask Crew who I am greatly indebted to. By my side was a beautiful “Little Miss Princess” who arrived in the dance studio with me. She is beautiful and […]

The Hunchback and the Notre-Dame Gusher

January 30, 2011


ORIGINALLY POSTED: Sept 3rd, 2010. Aight, so I have no idea how many exact days that oil has been gushing out of the Gulf of Mexico since I lost count after day 65. In any event, I was vexed by day 7. The first seven days weren’t so bad for me since we, the people/the […]

Tunisia, Montreal and a Peoples’ Revolt

January 25, 2011


Tunisia: The First Wikileaks Revolution? When asked as to why Mickey Boston decided to move to Montreal from the United States, he would easily credit his migration to Montreal’s numerous gifts, one of which being art, beautiful people and multiculturalism. When Hezbollah waged war on Israel and Beirut was being bombed back to the stone-age, […]

The new Pimped-out Goldman Sachs

January 11, 2011


Putin’ some Bling in your Urban Skyline. by Mickey Boston The building consists of a slab-shaped tower, which contains the firm’s offices, atop a much bulkier base, which contains six trading floors, each big enough to house nearly a thousand employees. From most angles, the tower looks rectilinear, except on the west, facing the Hudson River, […]