Sullied in a Youtube Era.

“America” – Mickey Boston. Directed by Aaron Ng. Lightcastproductions 2011.

Montreal Independent hiphop artist Mickey Boston releases his second clip under the direction of local Montreal filmmaker, Jamie Zampini. Local Jazz musician and actor Rocko P assumes the role of the unnamed and rather distraught homeless figure who plays synechdic for hiphops uncanny demise in a nexus of perversion that has sorely plagued an art that was once a joyful manifestation from the Old School.

MBs lyrical journey back to the Good Old Days is lyrically illustrated in a verbal and poetic pentameter that renders a discourse manifested in the chronicle of socially dislocated homeless figure who once grew up loving the old school.

Director Jamie Zampini speaks of his direction of the clip in terms of attempting to bridge the old with the contemporary by means of not only exclusively using footage from 1978 and 1982 respectively but also in terms of merging the videography of a lost homeless figure who reflects back to his once vibrant youth.

Montreal Underground hip-hop and Spoken Word artist Mickey Boston speaks randomly alongside super-producer Tu-Three on the set of the “Orientalism” video shoot. Original track “The Epidemic” by Mickey Boston plays in the background (a clip for “The Epidemic” will be shot in the near future.)

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