Banksy Exploited by a Self-Consumed Kangaroo Thierry Guetta?

Posted on January 12, 2011



Banksy speaks from the silhouette of his studio's abode.

by Mickey Boston

“This is the first time the essentially bourgeois world of art has belonged to the people. We need to make it count.”-Banksy

While a dark silhouetted hoodie-sported Zorro in Banksy speaks candidly towards a rather stable camera lens, the world of art may perhaps be rendered unstable once again by wack phonies of the likes of a wannabe spray-can–wielding Thierry Guetta.From Exit Through the Giftshop’s opening narration one can immediately spot the imposter like that kid in your schoolyard who always wanted to role with the Big Broskies. Big Broskies, you know, those real-deal authentic cats in the school yard who knew how to keep it real and set the recess trends while followers of the likes of kangaroo Thierry would snoop around in the foreground wishing they’d get all the girls the real bad boys got.Thierry is by far no film-maker. He is by far no artist, eh…mayhaps lemme second that one…he is a failed master at the art of exploitation and manipulation. I lay emphasis in Italics on the ‘failed’ part since he is quite transparent and by far no master of illusion.Personally I myself cant believe anyone would even allude to Thierry as an artist let alone blow 24G’s on his mass printed junk…and i quote Banksy on this one:

“As far as I’m aware, Mr. Brainwash doesn’t know very much about art, especially his own. He seems to mainly judge the success of an art show by how many square feet it covers and whether it makes any money. This probably makes him the ultimate artist of our times.”Connnnnnn-Artist You Proclaim?

Thierry is by far disturbed. He verily does undeniably suffer a severe narcissism-something…and no please dont tell me that bringing a Cambell’s Soup can and making it a spraycan is any for or fashion of an art revival from the Warhol days…why? Because it simply is NOT. Indeed, undeniably this is “the first great art-disaster movie.” Personally, I noted that audiences were more poised on hearing more about Banksy than Thierry, instead it ended up being “The Thierry Show”–an aspect which had me hoping as I stormed out the theatre hoping the money did NOT go in Thierry’s pocket.My admiration for Banksy only increased upon reading:

“The film is the end of my public life rather than the beginning. This is the most you’ll ever see of me, if I can help it.”

The only question remains: was Banksy used by Thierry? Were the other artists of the likes of good ‘ole cousin Space Invader and Shepard Fairey exploited?Does Kangaroo Thierry hop on the money and only care about himself and his image and possess the desire to be loved? Is he a big baby wanting the attention and the glamour? Indeed, friends, Theirry is a Glamour whore.I do leave you with one question posed to Banksy by

“Your work explores power, tests power and is therefore revolutionary, encouraging people to subvert the powers that be. Mr. Brainwash kind of did this to you. He looked at the power structure around him (Banksy and Fairey) and exploited it for his own ends. Does that make him a student — or a con man?”

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