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Is Gadhaffi a Nut Case? A look into his Female Virgin Bodyguards: The Amazon Guard

February 28, 2011


So politically savvy hip-hop artist Mickey “Big Brosky” Boston Red Sox Lover asks: is he crazy or is he simply a mastermind incarnate in Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert‘s psyche. For starters, the man Gadhaffi knows how to play chess and plays it well without a Queen. In essence, he plays his chess board as an African “King” surrounded by […]

Muammar Ghadaffi – Jewish Roots, Fashion, Swagger and Vanity

February 22, 2011


Yes, Ghadaffi’s grandmother was Jewish. If Montreal grassroots political hip-hop fundamentalist Mickey “Big Brosky” Boston had to give a despotic dictator a fashion award, that Brosky Award would unanimously be awarded to none other than the rather uncanny and consistently bizarre Muammar Ghadaffi. His fist-pumping antics in the air while supporters chanted his name repeatedly as he […]

Regimental Oneton – South Africa Art…Poster

February 21, 2011


  Be sure to add “Regimental Oneton” to your facebook page. Purchase the art. Check the page and see  what you like.

Israel: Anti-boycott Bill Approved – Democracy?

February 21, 2011


Bill imposes fines on Israeli citizens who back, initiate boycottsagainst state. Left cries racism Mickey “Big Brosky” Boston is still beefin’ with Israel, ish is still Kosher. Despite the Kosher, the people want their beef Halal, but how do things get there when the region is so eff’d at this point? How long does the vicious cycle continue, […]

Ghassan Kanafani, Writing as Resistance and Hiphop – In the Wake of Egypt 2011

February 20, 2011


Mic-Key Boston draws words from Life and Struggle of Kanafani. “I am someone who feels a very strong need for freedom and to not allow anyone to be backed into a corner” uttered late Montrealer Lhasa de sela, an artist who adamantly believed in the call for equality between all peoples. I (Mickey Boston) routinely perform a track […]

Was Anderson Cooper Really Beatdown in Cairo?

February 16, 2011


Mickey “Big Brosky” Boston scrutinizes Anderson Cooper‘s antics. Anderson Cooper makes things sound like he suffered a Rodney King beatdown in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. In essence, “over exaggeration” is a too generous of a term for Cooper’s “beatdown.” Hyperbole is brought to a whole new plateau in the poetics of Cooper’s CNN eloquent video journalism. Yes, Cooper was mobbed, undeniably […]

Hosni Mubarak Art – by Regimental Oneton

February 15, 2011


Regimental Oneton vs. The Hosni. Friend, fellow artist and brother in rhyme Regimental Oneton has dropped another joint: a watercolour piece of the “Mubaby.” Hosni Mubarak is vividly a despotic ruler who brought down the Nile‘s house with draconian political supremacy by means of intimidation and corruption. Hosni’s Iron Fist was finally brought to a close after […]